T&P Nightingale Consulting

T&P Nightingale Consulting helps you  to search for the best way to your success.

T&P Nightingale Consulting has a great pool of knowledge and expertise from business people, life coaches from different age groups and fields; intercultural experts; IT experts; new media experts; HR experts; behavioral expert; entertainment business experts; journalists;  diplomats of different countries, legal and other specialists of many more areas of expertise.

We wish to hear your advise.  We listen. So we can help.

We believe in global friendships, healthy competition, sustainable evolution of good will and mind. We believe in balance and harmony. We wish you are the awe-inspiring leading star of your own existence.

Using your open mind, reason and available senses to make decisions, don’t hesitate to try new approaches to solve any problems.

We have amazing experts for you.  We wish your life to be a lot of fun and a great success. And no regrets.


T&P Nightingale