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Life is a perfect circle of circles, it is yours – and only yours.

Winter is the time for existential contemplation, for slower and deeper processes, living on resources, preparing for planting the new great ideas.

Spring is the waking up period, for the fast recovery, many new bright dreams are born, new lives are planted, time that is full of new powerful energy, fresh starts and new beginnings. Enjoyment of nature and life in its freshness.

Summer is time at the fullest speed, fast enjoyment, using resources and ideas in full in all of it’s senses. Time for being yourself, with yourself, at the peak of yourself.

Autumn is the harvest time, time for your fruits. Time for all the ripening colours, awards of life, relaxing time, but simultaneously preparing for the winter, gathering and collecting, saving for the times to come. Time for the mature pleasures for all your senses.

Feel free and enjoy. Learning is faster and easier when you are relaxed and happy.